i'm a mascot for what you've become,

and i love the mayhem more than the love.

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27 October 1989
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it's pretty simple, actually.

i am 19, live in sweden, study literature, listen to so much music that silence has begun to creep me out, drink too much coffee, watch too many tv-shows, stay up too late every night and is as a result always tired during daytime.

i have a shitty laptop that i love, an ipod i couldn't live without, too many books, black fingernails, too little/too much free time, great friends, a tiny room, no money.

i write, read, listen, talk, sleep, drink, smoke, laugh, walk, cry and sometimes more than one thing at a time.

i love fall out boy, patrick stump, late nights, childhood memories, books that make me think twice about my life, waking up to a day i've been longing for, making friends happy.

i don't know.

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