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Okay, so. At this point it feels weird to even keep yabbering about the Panic non-breakup. I'm freaked out by change, always will be, and this is a big change. These past four years Panic has become a band that I always turn to to feel good. I travelled eight hours in a sweaty bus, got pneumonia and almost passed out to see one of their shows. That it was worth it and that I'd do it again tomorrow is a testament to how much they mean to me.

That said, this is me being selfish. To Jon and Ryan and Brendon and Spencer, this has most likely been planned for a good long while. It has been dealt with, they're on good terms, this is just life. This band got together when they were teenagers, who can say that they have the exact same job now as they did when they were sixteen? Who has the exact same taste in music? Who knows who they want to be and what they want to do at that age?

My friend asked me today if I'd rather Jon hadn't joined Panic, if it had meant that this didn't happen. The honest answer is no, because Jon 
has brought so much to the table and he isn't the problem. There isn't a problem, in my opinion. People grow up, they grow apart, they get new ambitions and aspirations and shit happens.

So to the original Panic: thanks for two amazing albums, four amazing years, an amazing show, and a really good time.

Let's get on with the show, people.

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