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Fic index.

Okay, so to keep things simple and easy to find, here's my fic index. It will be updated with new fics. Crossposted.


On My Heart Just Like A - Pete/Patrick - oneshot - R
Summary: "This minor panic attack continues for days, which turns into weeks and Pete doesn’t notice a thing because apparently he’s set up camp on cloud nine, where he and Patrick ride unicorns over rainbows, eating candy floss and holding hands all day."

dare (but not as in courage) - Pete/Patrick - oneshot - PG-13
Summary: "Joe,” Patrick says again, a heavy weight sort of being lifted from his stomach as he talks, “when has Pete ever not done something anyone has dared him to do?”

to know him is to love him - Pete/Patrick & Ryan/Brendon - oneshot (with sequel) - NC-17
Summary: If Patrick is assumed to be cool, and Pete isn't, and Patrick doesn't notice Pete for, what, fourteen years, does that mean that he's a douche or just behaving like cool people are supposed to behave?

What if it was you (that I needed all along)? - Pete/Patrick - oneshot - PG-13
Summary: You know how it is when you get really drunk, and the next day everyone is sniggering and saying cryptic stuff and you have no idea what the hell is going on? Yeah, that.

i took my time (i hurried up)
- Pete/Patrick - R
Summary: It's a story about growing up and falling in love. With Pete Wentz.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Me Pete, You Patrick - Pete/Patrick - oneshot - R
Summary: Pete isn't that fond of being a caveman, not really.

Meeting the parents (or: Hey, isn't that your mom?) - Pete/Patrick & Ryan/Brendon - PG-13 - sequel to to know him is to love him
Summary: Well, meeting the parents.
1 - 2

Harry Potter

A Dispute Over a Pink Ribbon - Ron/Hermione - Drabble - G
Summary: "Hermione," Ron gasped, "is this yours?"

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny - 9 ch - PG-13
Summary: Ron is sleeptalking in class, and Hermione accidentally hears him talking about his feelings for her. How is she gonna play this one?

A Fairytale - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - G
Summary: Once upon a time there was a girl. And the world has never again seen a girl quite like this one.

Accidentally in Love - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - G
Summary: Hermione's thoughts on how she fell in love with Ron.

Battle Intermission - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - G
Summary: Set during the last battle in DH. Ron and Hermione meet up for a minute during the raging battle in the Great Hall.

Beneath - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - G
Summary: She is innocent and perfect and beautiful and you know it. You have always known it, ever since that wondrous day on the train. But you never noticed that you knew, not until it was far too late. Ron's feelings towards Hermione.

Disturbed Love - Ron/Hermione - oneshot (in a series) - G
Summary: Ron decides to take care of his Lavender problem. And he's doing it the Granger way, at the library! Sequel to Understanding.

Early Showering is a Risky Business - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - PG-13
Summary: Ron hears a woman singing in the shower. And after that, things become very confusing. It isn't easy being a teenage boy.

Electricity - Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny - oneshot - PG-13
Summary: Everytime Hermione and Ron accidentally touch each other, the air crackles.

Finally a Blur of Color - Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny - oneshot - G
Summary: Ron and Hermione are once again fighting, and Harry is feeling like they're slowly pulling away from each other and him when thankfully someone, or something, comes to the rescue.

Late Night Parenting - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - G
Summary: One night Ron wakes up to find his wife crying in the kitchen. Who would have thought Ron Weasley ever would give parenting advice to Hermione Granger?

Putting Something Together - Ron/Hermione - oneshot (in a series) - PG
Summary: Lavender sees Ron and Hermione coming down the boys' staircase. Will they finally get to be together? Sequel to Understanding and Disturbed Love.

Ron Weasley: Marrying Menace - Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny - 3 ch (sequel, not finished) - PG-13
Summary: Ron is proposing. The twins can help. Now what? Sequel to the Weasley Theories.

Save Me Tonight - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - G
Summary: Once again, Hermione was watching him, looking like she was analyzing his every feature or eyebrow twitch. “You really aren’t fourteen anymore, are you?” she finally said.

The Day Hermione Granger Bought Herself a Clue - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - PG-13
Summary: Hermione and Ron finally 'fess up.

The Day I Died - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - R
Summary: After almost seven years of pain and fear we were all hollow. Shells with eyes that witnessed that the spark was gone, but that it had once been there. I was overwhelmed by it all.

Understanding - Ron/Hermione - oneshot (in a series) - G
Summary: Infirmary scene in HBP. Ron wakes up to find his best friend there with him. They finally talk and come to an understanding.

Until Then - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - PG-13
Summary: You can’t remember the last time you kissed him. That’s the thing you think about, now of all times.

Weasley Theories: Ginny Weasley - Harry/Ginny & Ron/Hermione - multichaptered (has 2 sequels) - PG-13
Summary: Ginny can't seem to forget Harry. So Ron gives her some brotherly advice: Find yourself.

Weasley Theories: Ron Weasley - Ron/Hermione - multichaptered (2 sequels) - PG-13
Summary: Ron wants Hermione. The twins know how to get her.

Why Can't This Be Love? - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - G
Summary: Ron has broken up with Hermione and she can't understand why.

With Tired Souls We Slept - Ron/Hermione - oneshot - PG
Summary: A tragedy as well as happier times.


Falling Away - Edward/Bella - oneshot - PG
Summary: Breathing deeply, I thought of how I couldn’t believe this day was here. Two months ago, it had seemed impossible.

Nervousness - Edward/Bella - oneshot - G
Summary: Bella is alone and waiting for her wedding to begin. So why isn't she nervous?

Pulling Heaven Down - Edward/Bella & Alice/Jasper & Emmett/Rosalie - multichaptered - R - AU & AH!
Summary: There's a really long way to go before you reach true love and happiness, and we all know how clumsy Bella is, don't we?


All Downhill From Here - Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart - oneshot - R
Summary: When he walked up to me that first day of filming, looking far too tall and very awkward, I almost smirked. Oh, behold the great Edward Cullen. Scruffy and looking kind of like a hobo-wannabe.

Cracked Bells and Washed-Out Horns - Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart - oneshot - R
Summary: "My name is Robert and I'm go to try to do this without being lame. This is for someone who is beautiful, funny, smart, and above all; a giant pain in my ass."

When The Pearls In Our Shells Came Out To Dance - Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart - oneshot - R
Summary: “You are such an idiot,” I murmured in a voice dulled by pain, against his naked chest. My lips made goose bumps appear on his fair skin. “I hope you know that.”

You Can Bow And Pretend - Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart - oneshot - PG-13
Summary: "Rob had gotten cold feet, or maybe I had, and we didn't talk about it."

Bring Me Home - Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart - oneshot - PG-13
Summary: She wasn't his, but she was, and she never would be.

Gilmore Girls

Dear Rory - Rory/Jess & Luke/Lorelai - multichaptered (not finished) - PG-13
Summary: What if the kiss Jess and Rory shared in The Real Paul Anka wasn't just closure?


Out of this World - Peter/Claire - multichaptered (not finished) - R
Summary: When Claire is betrayed by her father, she runs to her biological one. Someone she knows is waiting there, someone she didn't think she would ever see again.

Tags: edward/bella, fic index, fob, gilmore girls, harry potter, harry/ginny, heroes, pete/patrick, peter/claire, robert/kristen, ron/hermione, rory/jess, ryan/brendon, twilight
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